I wasn't planning on including the windows in this shot, but I'm sure glad I did.

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Riitta says:

“Meghan is one of our brides from just two years ago. I remembered walking into the dressing room on the wedding day and seeing her as one of the most strikingly beautiful brides I had ever seen, so it was no surprise when when showed up to the studio for her maternity session that I had the same feeling.

As this is their first child, I wanted to capture a peaceful and patient look to her images. I wanted viewers to feel her thinking, “Whenever you are ready to come into this world, we’ll be waiting,” by using natural light for everything and keeping wardrobe simple.”

Riitta’s Photography Tip:

When working with Maternity clients, I suggest keeping your session calm and loving.

Peacefully remind her of her beauty so that she can focus on the already existing relationship between mother and child. Ask her to think about how she is feeling, what the baby will look like, to imagine feeding and holding him.

If you remove anxiety from your shoot, you will be able to bring out the mother’s emotions and thoughts to create images that not only will she love, but her child will look back and feel loved and anticipated by seeing the images you created for her.

Imagine the joy she will get from sharing that image with her child!

She just looks so excited to meet him!
Patiently waiting....
The simple detail on the shirt reflects the happines on her face
I love how the wondow light gently outlines her belly
Finally, she is just imagining what he will be like.

Riitta used a Nikon D800 with a Sigma 85mm 1.4 lens to capture these images.

Riitta Kulinski is a Southeast Wisconsin Wedding & Portrait photographer.

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  1. I like the suggestions about asking the mother to think about and connect with her child. Such a simple idea but one that could be easily overlooked while shooting a session.

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