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[pinit count=”horizontal” description=”Check out this featured session on Belovely You”]Today’s feature is from Dawn Attebery.

Dawn says:

“Professional makeup (and hair) makes a tremendous difference for the teenage girls, as makeup smooths out skin tones. Plus, a good makeup artist can feature the eyes, lips, or whatever is especially beautiful about the girl.

As you can see, this senior has beautiful eyes. The makeup artist and the lighting and posing highlight her eyes.

This senior came to the session with several hangers of clothing plus several accessories. I love how adding something as simple as a scarf or a hat really changes the look.”

Dawn’s Photography Tip:

I normally do an in-person consultation prior to the session, but in this case, I did not. So, to ensure the senior arrived prepared, I asked her to bring solids and colors that I knew would go with the location where we would be working.

She arrived at the location with lots of clothing and accessories to choose from. I spent maybe 5 minutes looking at everything and putting outfits together for her to wear during the session.

I made sure to mix up the accessories a bit so she could get a few different looks from the same basic outfit. Using accessories help save time because they can transform an outfit quickly without the senior having to completely change clothes.

If the photographer (or the assistant) talks to the senior ahead of time about clothing, and then looks at the clothing and makes recommendations, the photographer can recommend outfits that are flattering and fit the location they are shooting in.

Accessories can quickly change the look of an outfit and allow more options for the parent who is purchasing the senior portraits. Often, parents buy more portraits when there are more clothing options presented in the final portraits.

Full length senior pose
Simple clothing complements the colors in the room
Pop of red brings attention to the senior
Window adds simplicity to the image
Closeup highlights senior girl's eyes
Green scarf and hat add interest to a simple outfit
Changing angles changes the background to create a simpler image

Dawn used a Nikon D600 with a Nikkor 24.0-70.0 mm f/2.8 lens to capture these images.

Dawn Attebery is a Dallas, TX Senior Portraits photographer.

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  1. Great reminder about the power of accessories!
    Beautiful lighting on every image! What were you using for lighting?
    Could someone advise me about the legalities of applying make-up? Is it illegal for the photographer to apply make-up? Must the make-up artist be licensed?

  2. Thank you! This was all window light.

    You ask a great question about makeup. I believe the legalities of applying makeup varies from state to state. You’ll have to look into it where you live. Sorry – not much help on that question. 🙂

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