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Rebecca says:

“This was a portrait session for 2-year old Leeland which took place at The Farm in Door County, Wisconsin. While I don’t normally travel so far for a portrait session, I knew when I talked to Leeland’s Mom about the location that it would be totally worth it. And it was – it ended up being one of my favorite sessions from last year!”

Rebecca’s Photography Tip:

This session was successful because of our careful consideration for the location. When Leeland’s Mom and I spoke to plan his session, we brainstormed many different ideas.

We decided on The Farm in Door County because it’s one of Leeland’s most favorite places, he had been there numerous times, and there are tons of fun things for kids to do!

Having a complete stranger point a camera at you can be uncomfortable for anyone, but especially for toddlers! So choosing a location that they are really familiar with can make a huge difference in their level of ease.

It’s also helpful to have something interactive for them to do so they’re more apt to forget about your camera and have a good time.

At The Farm Leeland was able to feed the baby goats, watch new chicks hatch, climb on the tractors and wagons, play in the puddles, and run around…so I was able to get some great images of him playing and just being a happy kiddo!

Most toddlers won’t sit still for a photographer for more than 2 seconds…but you can still get great images that their parents will cherish!

Just choose a familiar environment and make sure there are lots of fun things for them to play with or do, and you’ll be able to capture a level of authenticity that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to achieve.








Rebecca used a Canon 5d mark II with a Canon 24 – 105 L lens to capture these images.

Rebecca Pfeifer is a Sheboygan Portrait & Wedding photographer.

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