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Andy says:

“These are from the engagement session I shot for Kelly and David, a wedding couple for 2014.

We shot in a city park in Milwaukee on a beautiful fall day.

Kelly and David both have style (more so than I do) and love to laugh. They are comfortable in front of the camera and aren’t afraid to show their emotions.”

Andy’s Photography Tip:

Engagement sessions are a great chance to let your clients get comfortable with me and the camera; and for me to get comfortable with them.

Each couple is a little different in how they relate to each other, what they find funny, and how they like to express their love physically.

I spend a lot of time observing them and how they interact. I try to stay pretty light-hearted for the first half of the session, until I know I have their trust.

I’ll give them questions about the other person and it’s not always the answer that makes a good photo, it’s the response from the other person. But don’t be too quick to laugh along with them if something is funny, keep your eye behind the camera ready to capture what might be a great laugh.

Being attentive, remaining ready for the reaction, and helping to stir the pot a bit (with questions or invitations from the Beloved Technique, which work well with my personality and my approach to couples) will help prepare you to capture moments that your clients will remember years from now.

One of my favorite comments was when a couple saw their album design from the engagement session and the gal said, “I remember what he was whispering into my ear then to make me laugh.” I don’t know what it was, but it’s a memory for her and the photo enhances that memory and her feelings of being loved.

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Andy used a Nikon D3S with a Sigma 35, 50 and 85 (all 1.4) lens to capture these images.

Andy Stenz is a Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin Weddings and Portraits photographer.

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