Lenses for Imperfect Backgrounds

Little Girl in Red

Today’s feature is from Karen Lewis.

Karen says:

“These are Christmas Mini Session Portraits done for Christmas cards! They were taken in a greenhouse full of poinsettias.”

Karen’s Photography Tip:

These were Christmas Mini Sessions done at a greenhouse here in Anchorage, AK. The greenhouse had lots of unsightly green hoses and fans all around, so I used a long lens (70-200 mm) to make sure the focus was on the children and the sea of red poinsettias.

Some of the kids did want to play around so it is more obvious in their photos that it is a greenhouse, but I felt that the pictures still worked because the energy of the kids was captured!

Moose Hands
Little Girl in a Red Hood
Boy in a Wagon
Little Girl on Bench

Karen used a Canon 5D Mark II (affiliate link) with a Canon 70-200 f/2.8L lens (affiliate link) to capture these images.

Karen Lewis is an Anchorage, Alaska Child and Family Lifestyle Photographer.

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Even if you’re only doing mini-sessions, a great way to maximize your sale is by doing in-person sales sessions (affiliate link). This gives you a chance to show the client the images you took, and is a lot more engaging than just having them look through images on an online gallery.

There’s some great software out there to help you with this, and can even show the client what the prints or canvases will look like on their wall (affiliate link).




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