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Leah says:

“This session took place on the top of a local parking garage. I wanted to highlight the monochromatic, industrial tones and contrast them with lots of feminine touches like the glitter and the soft pink scarf we used as props.

I made the wire crown and brought my own pearls for my little model to wear; these touches made her feel special and connect with me right away and set up some really beautiful moments.”

Leah’s Photography Tip:

One of my favorite tricks for working with kids is to bring simple props that inspire action and play. Boxes, big numbers, and baskets can only go so far.

They are great for posing but since my style aims more for an organic approach at capturing personality, I like to embrace a child’s playfulness and encourage play that photographs well.

Bringing props doesn’t mean that they have to be in every photo, either. Sometimes, just having something new and fun that the children can interact with helps them feel more comfortable and move away from the idea that they have to “sit still and behave” during the session.

For some kids, especially if they are shy, even just providing something to hold can do wonders for their confidence in front of a new person pointing that scary-looking lens in their face.

Once they cross that line, you can remove the prop and try other poses if you wish!

Some of my favorite “action-inspiring” props include bubbles, balloons, wagons, petals, books, kites, and kazoos!

I also encourage parents to let their kids bring a favorite toy or item of their own from home, which also adds some sentimental value to the pictures.

A happy kid means photos with joy, real laughter, and authentic expressions. Utilizing simple props for play can lighten the mood and create that fun atmosphere for your sessions.





Leah used a Nikon D800 with a Nikon 50mm 1.4 lens and a Nikon 70-200 2.8 lens to capture these images.

Leah O’Connell is a Charlottesville, Virginia Children and Families photographer.

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