Elijah and camera

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Ryan says:

“Amanda and Ami were wedding clients. They now have two active and curious little boys keeping them busy in Victoria, BC. Amanda is a photographer and wanted images to remember life at this moment, even if it’s often chaotic.”

Ryan’s Photography Tip:

For many of my sessions, I like to begin in the home of the clients. There was no posing necessary because I the just did what they’d do as a family on a normal weekend.

At the time of our session, Elijah enjoyed taking photos and wanted to show me his room and talk about Star Trek. I don’t have a clue about Star Trek, but I listened and asked questions. From that point, all I had to do was follow them around documenting the next few hours. Take a genuine interest in your clients and you’ll earn their trust.

With kids I also try to keep them moving. We went outside to their parking lot just for some different light and variety. Changing a location can sometimes change a mood, so if I feel that a kid is getting impatient, I suggest we move a little bit or burn a little energy. It usually does the trick (for a while!).

Pay attention and listen to your clients, especially kids and especially their mood(s). I’m always moving around in sessions with kids because I want to maximize their patience. Happy kids make for happy photos! Find out what they’re interested in so you can engage with them when needed.

Bike concentration and family.
Baby Luc.
Bunk beds and Star Trek.
Bike wipe out.
Chasing Papa.

Ryan used a Canon Mk III with a Canon 35mm f/1.4 lens to capture these images.

Ryan MacDonald is a Victoria, British Columbia + Nova Scotia Portrait and Wedding photographer.

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