PPB-eBook-Final-Cover-225pxDid you know it was possible to make money while building your portfolio?

No really, I’m being serious.

Because guess what? You shouldn’t have to work for free – even if you’re still building your portfolio.

You’re a business, and your talents and skills should be treated as such.

Besides, doing it for free only builds a client base of people who aren’t necessarily willing to pay for your services later on (bet you never thought of it that way, huh?).

It’s true though.

Portfolio building for free is like shooting yourself in the foot. It is hurting your business from the very start, and you’ll be losing out on a huge opportunity to create a client base and make money right from the start.

Ok ok enough already – so how DO you build a portfolio and still make money?

It’s something called the Profitable Portfolio BuilderAnd it’s something you can use to start growing your business faster.

By implementing the methods prescribed in this guide, you’ll:

  • Make money right from the start, even while portfolio building
  • Build a client base that knows your prices and is willing to pay them
  • Have full control over the look of the sessions
  • Build a portfolio that will help you shoot more of what you really love
  • Get the testimonials that will help you book new clients in the future
  • Always get a model release

Already have a solid portfolio?

That’s totally fine. This method is also a fantastic way to book paying sessions during slow seasons.

Plus, it can even help you partner with other business and expand your social media reach, which helps spread the word about your business.

And it’s tailored just for portraiture photography – newborns, kids, families, engagement sessions, headshots, maternity, glamour and boudoir, etc.

 To enter for a chance to win the Profitable Portfolio Builder, simply use the form below.  To learn more about the creator, Molly Marie with Molly Marie Photography, click here.

If you are on a mobile phone and can’t see all the fields, click here to access the contest widget directly.

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Want to get started with Business Planning right now?

That’s probably a great idea.

Not just because it’s always great to start making money right away (duh, haha), but also because the Profitable Portfolio Builder is also on sale for $79.99 during the product’s launch (until June 20th).

Pretty sweet deal, huh?

Oh and don’t worry….

If you enter the giveaway and win and still buy the guide, Photography Spark will reimburse you for the cost of the guide.

Good luck!



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