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How would you feel if your favorite author suddenly decided to stop organizing the words in her books in the right order?

Pretty darn confused, right?


You’d quickly give up on her impossible book, and probably on her too.

Now think about your photography…

Like the author, you’re a communicator, only you deal with images instead of words. You need to organize your images purposefully if you don’t want them to end up ignored. But…how?

Enter composition!

See, people tend to view images in predictable ways. And once you discover these patterns, you can use them to your advantage, to create photos that communicate your message – an idea, a memory, a feeling – and look amazing too!

To unlock the secrets of composition you need to put together all the pieces: the elements, the techniques, and the decisions – and this brand new guide from Photography Concentrate will help you do just that.

In the guide, you’ll learn:

  • What composition really is, why it matters, and how it’s created.
  • The importance of aspect ratios and how they affect every shot you take
  • The 4 characteristics of light that will help you make sense of any lighting situation and how how it will affect your composition
  • How and why to add depth to your images
  • The 7 compositional techniques that will help you take great images anywhere.

…and that’s not even half of the topics covered in this guide!

The guide also comes with 7 free bonus videos that really help pull everything together, a free composition skills field guide for you to use on-the-go, and is filled with diagrams like the one below that help you visualize the concepts behind the theory.



To enter for a chance to win a copy of the Incredibly Important Composition Skills Guide, simply use the form below.  To learn more about Photography Concentrate, click here.

If you are on a mobile phone and can’t see all the fields, click here to access the contest widget directly.

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And don’t worry…

If you choose to purchase the guide and end up winning the giveaway, have no fear! Photography Concentrate will let you choose a different Photography Concentrate tutorial as the prize, or have your order refunded.

Because they’re super awesome.

And if you are thinking of buying the guide…

Now would definitely be the time since Photography Concentrate is running a sale for 30% off the purchase price to celebrate the launch of their new product!

Might want to jump on it though, since the sale only lasts through Tuesday the 28th.

Good luck!



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