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Jordan says:

“This session was for a couple who flew out from Texas to visit Seattle and have these photos taken.

When we were talking about location ideas, I asked them where they were willing to go. Their reply was, we will go anywhere, hike anything, we just want to go somewhere epic.

As a photographer, that is my favorite thing to hear from clients.

This session ended up being the longest session I have ever had, because we spent 20 hours together (leaving at 7am and arriving back home at 3am).

All in all, it was one of the best sessions I’ve ever had. It’s always great when clients become good friends afterwards.”

Jordan’s Photography Tip:

I love the outdoors and I love the amazing scenery the pacific northwest has to offer so I began trying to incorporate that into my photos.

It’s a no brainer that an epic location is going to make a photo more appealing to people, so my advice to other photographers would be to get out, explore, and make use of the beautiful nature that is around them.

Yes, it’s much easier in the Pacific Northwest as there is a lot of epic scenery but every state has unique scenery to that area.

I also put a lot of work into my sessions. I do not do 1-2 hour sessions. Instead, I spend around 8-12 hours with a couple (on average) depending on how far we’re driving/hiking.

Having more time during a session can help in many different ways.

First, it generally allows me to plan the shoot around the best times of the day to shoot.

Second, since I’ve been able to spend more time with the couple, when we do begin shooting, they are already comfortable enough with me and we can dive right into it.

With 1-2 hour sessions it can be tough getting couples to open up right away (especially when you’re limited on time). This tremendously helps with posing as well as it’s much easier to pose couples who are comfortable than ones that are nervous.

I tend to have my couples walk around quite a bit as well to loosen them up and capture some genuine moments between them as they walk together.

All in all, I think if photographers want their work to stand out more, they need to go to the places that no one has been to yet. The places less-traveled.

These are the unique photos people like to see because it’s not something they’re used to.


Jordan used a Canon 5D Mark III (affiliate link) and Canon 5D Mark II (affiliate link) with a Canon 35L lens, a Canon 45mm lens, a Canon 50L lens, and a Canon 135L lens (affiliate link) to capture these images.

Jordan Voth is a Seattle/Tacoma Washington Engagement Portraits and Wedding photographer.

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