[pinit count=”horizontal” description=”Check out this awesome photography tutorial on Belovely You”]Today’s tutorial is from Namita Azad.

Engagement sessions is a fun trend that allows couples to share their engagement announcement to their friends and family. This photography tends to be the most fun because the couple is there to have a good time.

Namita says this about engagement sessions:

“Photographing a couple that has just got engaged is possibly the best time you can capture their love. So how do you capture this time in their life in the most candid way? Here’s a rundown of how I run my engagement sessions, from before, during, and after the shoot:


Before the day of the shoot:
1. Meet the couple over a cup of coffee and get to know them. This will make it so you feel less like a stranger to them and more like a friend, therefore helping them feel more comfortable around you.

2. Ask to hear their story! How did he propose? Where was it? What was she wearing? Did she know he was going to do it? Get into the details and learn about your couple’s story.

3. Talk with your couple about locations that are meaningful to them – the more familiar their surroundings are, the more relaxed they’ll be and the more likely they’ll be to act like themselves come the day of the shoot.


Day of the shoot:
1. Get there early and set up your equipment before the couple arrives. That way once the couple gets there, you can move right into shooting without them having to wait on you.

2. The only instruction you should give them is to keep smiling no matter what they do throughout the shoot. Besides that, just let them behave and interact as they normally would – and if you’ve picked locations they’re already comfortable with, this should come fairly easily to them.

3. Encourage them to talk to each other to get the best candid moments. This helps them focus on each other instead of you.

4. Don’t be in their direct line of vision. Be inconspicuous so they feel more comfortable.

5. Show them a picture here and there to make them feel better about how they’re doing – especially for the stiff ones!


After the shoot:
1. Leave the couple on a fun and optimistic note! Even if things didn’t go 100% as planned, the more positive you are the more that will reflect on them and leave them with a positive feeling about the day instead of thinking about what went wrong.

2. When editing, try to maintain the moment in it’s true colors so they remember the day exactly how it was.

3. Give the couple a sneak peak in the first few days. More often than not, they can’t wait to see the entire album, and a sneak peak helps them stay patient and know that you’re working on getting it to them ASAP while also making them excited to see the rest of the images.

4. And finally – stick to your turn around time! Even the most patient of couples can become antsy if you don’t deliver when you said you would.”


Namita used a Canon 5D Mark III with a Canon 24-105mm f/4 lens to capture these images, and Lightroom to edit.

Namita Azad is a Tri-State Wedding, Maternity, Couples, Family, Baby, and Travel photographer.



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