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Amber says:

“This was a personal session for me, as the subjects are my sister and niece. My goal was to capture the close bond between the two of them.

I took them out to an overgrown area that, on camera, looks more like a beautiful meadow. The lighting on this beautiful fall afternoon was perfect, and brought out the best of the fall colors.

For their wardrobe, I purposefully dressed them in clothes that don’t really point to any particular era to try and maintain a timeless quality to the images.”

Amber’s Photography Tip:

You’ve probably read about the importance of consistency in post-processing. Knowing how to give your photos consistent editing is important! However, it is not something I feel the need to practice all of the time, or even most of the time.

It actually goes against my grain to refer to what I do as editing, because that implies making a change to something, whereas for me the portrait is just still in the process of being created!

For me, post-processing is my favorite part of photography. It is where I can really see my efforts and vision come together to create something special.

The processing of each photograph involves quite a bit of time and thought, as each images presents it own mood and requires a different approach.

This doesn’t mean I might not try out a few actions during the process, they can actually jump-start you to where you want to be!

Even if post-processing consistency is the cornerstone of your business, I challenge you to pick out a favorite from each of you sessions to process as a fine art piece. For me, even without a specific approach to my editing, I still get messages from people telling me how much they love my style.

Photography is such a competitive arena these days, it can’t hurt to have an edge in this area. See what kind of reactions you get from you clients when you present them with something a little different, a little special.






Amber used a Canon 6D with a Canon 135L lens and a Sigma 50mm 1.4 lens to capture these images.

Amber Jones is a Jonesboro, AR Portrait and Wedding photographer.

See more tips on Editing.



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