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Amy says:

“This baby was a dream to photograph and the creative juices just flowed with him! He was putty in my hands! I used a mixture of studio light and natural light to achieve the looks I wanted.”

Amy’s Photography Tip:

I am such a believer in informing the parents on how to prepare the baby. It is so crucial! The four components I stress the most are:

  • Heat
  • A Full Tummy
  • A Sound Machine, and
  • Warm Hands

And to take it one step further – use gloves when holding the baby. Seriously the best trick I have ever learned!

I also send the parents a questionnaire to fill out before the session. It helps me pick the colors and props I will use for the session so I can get them ready to go before the parents arrive. Plus, allowing the parents to choose the color scheme will mean that the color in the images will compliment the colors of their nursery and home. It also makes parents feel like I’ve really listened to them and what they want.

As already mentioned, make sure to have everything ready to go before the clients arrive. That way you can move from one prop to the next. However, I would suggest keeping things to a minimum – don’t overdo it and think you have to give the parents all these different looks.

If you follow this advice, you’ll have a full, warm, sleepy, easy-to-work-with baby that will be a dream to work with. He’s under your spell for two whole hours!

Little Man
All Cozy
Little Pilot
Future Pirate
Boy Blue
Amy used a Canon 5D MKIII with a Sigma 35mm lens to capture these images.

Amy Pate is a Birmingham, AL Family, Newborns, and Senior Portraits photographer.

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