Win a year subscription of ShootZilla!

There’s lots of tools out there to help you manage your studio – Google calendar, excel and Google docs, canned email responses, etc. And these are great tools, but it would be even better if they were combined into one intuitive program. That’s where we’d like to introduce you to ShootZilla. Shootzilla does all of […]

The Secret to Shooting Hybrid (Film + Digital)

Shooting both film and digital images at the same time is tricky, and many photographers avoid it because it’s difficult to get the digital images to consistently match the film images, and vice versa. Film + digital makes an effective hybrid. How I Pull Off Film + Digital Images The secret to shooting hybrid (film […]

Meaningful Personal Projects: Drawing Inspiration from Art and Literature

A common struggle among my photography friends, myself included, is finding and making the time to shoot for ourselves. One way I have found to stay inspired and create meaningful, personal work, is to commit to personal projects. It is always interesting to look inward and explore why we are drawn to certain things, what […]

Take Your Senior Portrait Biz to the Next Level

Did you know there’s an awesome event every year put on by the folks at Seniors Ignite that’s just about the business of senior portraits? No? You’re missing out. But that’s ok. We’re here to enlighten you and introduce you to some industry awesomeness. Before we give you the skinny on the Seniors Ignite Event, […]

The Finishing Touches Tutorial

Putting the finishing touches on an image often includes skin smoothing and retouching, and really gives your photos that clean, finished look. It is the finishing touches that makes each portrait perfect. But there are other Photoshop techniques you can use that really take your your images to the next level and give your senior portraits a […]

Calling All Senior Portraits Photographers!

We want YOU to submit your best senior portraits! In the spirit of busy season for Senior Portrait Photographers (and back to school!), Belovely You will be featuring senior portraits for the month of September! If you have a senior session you’ve done that you totally love, head on over to the submission page and send it […]

Product Review: Imagenomics Realgrain

**Note: To get a better feel of some of the effects of the adjustments, click on each image to see an enlarged version.  What is it? According to their literature: Realgrain features versatile methods for simulating the grain patterns, the color and the tonal response of different films and different scan resolutions to convey a […]

5 Things to do Before you Respond to that Angry Email

And BAM. There it is. That angry email, that nasty, accusatory email from a client. Maybe you suspected it might come, maybe it came out of the blue but now what? 1. Step away from the angry email. Many people have a knee-jerk reaction to defend themselves when they receive emails that are accusatory or […]

FOTOVELLA New Product and Giveaway!

*FOTOVELLA* is launching a new studio magazine template designed just for portrait photographers — and we’re giving one away PLUS a $75 FOTOVELLA shopping spree! FOTOVELLA‘s new CHERISH marketing brochure is a beautifully designed, studio magazine-style brochure just loaded with options. It’s perfectly designed for a client welcome guide or a promotional piece. With professionally pre-written text and a comprehensive […]

Today’s Giveaway: The Profitable Portfolio Builder

Did you know it was possible to make money while building your portfolio? No really, I’m being serious. Because guess what? You shouldn’t have to work for free – even if you’re still building your portfolio. You’re a business, and your talents and skills should be treated as such. Besides, doing it for free only […]

Today’s Giveaway: The Business Planning Cookbook for Photographers

Today’s Giveaway: The Business Planning Cookbook for Photographers You know all those things you spend time thinking about? You should do them. The Business Planning Cookbook for Photographers is a method for planning out your ideas beyond your overburdened mental to-do list. …And let’s be honest here, we all have one of those. This guide […]

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Today’s Giveaway: $100 Towards FOTOVELLA Templates + Coupon Code for 50% off! FOTOVELLA offers a growing line of professionally designed Photoshop templates created exclusively for professional photographers. Design concepts range from anything to Bohemian Chic to Clean and Minimalist, with touches of defining style that give your finished products a professional, custom look. FOTOVELLA templates are […]

Composition Skills Tutorial Giveaway!

Today’s Giveaway: A copy of Incredibly Important Composition Skills from Photography Concentrate! How would you feel if your favorite author suddenly decided to stop organizing the words in her books in the right order? Pretty darn confused, right?   You’d quickly give up on her impossible book, and probably on her too. Now think about […]

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Today’s Giveaway: The Photocrati Theme! Photocrati makes ones of the most popular WordPress themes for photographers, and is trusted by over 18,000 photographers and visual artists, and is a powerful all-in-one solution for a website, blog, and online galleries.   With Photocrati you will also huge photography-loving functionality built on WordPress that includes: Numerous homepage […]

Today’s Giveaway: A Seat to the Biz Revamp Course

Today’s Giveaway: One Seat to the Biz Revamp Course If you need help with the legal and business side of photography, and you want to get organized and efficient to finally get your business to the next level, then this course is absolutely for you. Put together by the amazing photographer-lawyer-photo biz consultant (and CreativeLIVE […]

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Today’s Giveaway: The Portrait Lighting Guide Be the versatile portrait photographer who isn’t afraid of flash photography. And get started today with flash photography, a crucial skill in a well-rounded portrait photographer. SimpleSLR Portrait Lighting is the anchor guide that covers the foundation skills for using speedlights effectively. In this guide, you’ll learn: Budget Pro […]

Today’s Giveaway: The Photography Pricing Guide Workbook

Today’s Giveaway: The Photographer’s Pricing Guide Workbook! Maybe you want money to pay for a car, or maybe you just want $1000 a year to pay for year-end vacations. Maybe you want to pay off student loans. Or maybe you want enough cash to make sure you’ll have everything covered when you leave your job […]

Today’s Giveaway: The Guide to In-Person Portrait Sales

Today’s Giveaway: The Guide to In-Person Portrait Sales! In-person sales are not about being pushy or pressuring clients with the “hard sell”. In-person sales are also not about tricking people or emotionally manipulating them. You don’t have to be a sleazy salesperson with a bag of sales tricks. The Guide to In Person Sales by Matt and Katie […]

Today’s Giveaway: 1 Download of YouProof for 5 Different Winners!

Today’s Giveaway: 1 Download of YouProof for 5 Different Winners! Yup, that’s right! We’ll be picking 5 winners for today’s giveaway. YouProof is a revolutionary new app for the portrait photography industry. With YouProof, you can create galleries of images on your portable device to show your clients. You can create image stacks, compare images side-by-side, […]

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Today’s Giveaway: The Lightroom Workshop Collection by SLR Lounge! With hours of comprehensive education along with the most powerful Lightroom Presets available, the Lightroom Workshop Collection by SLR Lounge contains all of the education and tools needed for any photographer (of any experience level) to run a full studio using Lightroom. The Workshop Collection includes three separate DVDs, […]

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Today’s Giveaway: Photographer’s Luxe Planner + $50 Store Credit for Colorvale Actions and Presets Imagine a luxury book that allows you to see your hopes and dreams come true. This professionally printed and bound planner will capture the things you are doing, what you want to be doing and give you the comfort of knowing […]