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How To Pump Up Your Senior Model Program

Today’s article is from Tosha Lijewski. Tosha Says: This session was so much fun for me and my spokesmodels. I went with a fun theme – Jewel tones – to inspire their clothing choices and makeup. I think it turned out better than I had anticipated and the girls love sharing their images with their friends which […]

f/1.8 lenses vs. f/1.2L lenses

Today’s feature is from Kat Gill. Kat says: “These were from Alessandra & Daniel’s Engagement Session. It was shot at sunset in a field in rural Edmonton.” Kat’s Photography Tip: Something that really changed the way I shoot and how my photos looked was investing in really, really great lenses. Up until only a few […]

Mountain Engagement Session

Today’s feature is from Travis Richardson. Travis says: “This is a fun engagement session I did earlier this year. The couple has been following me for while now and know how much I love the mountains and unique locations. We picked a hike that I had yet to try. We got to know each other […]

Simple Poses for Every Baby Session

Milestone sessions are for babies 6 months and up, usually up to a year or so. These sessions typically last 20 minutes at most, though I always deliver a full gallery of over 25-30 images to share with the parents! I LOVE shooting babies this age…..they are smiley, happy, and generally stay still. (Note I said […]

Tips On Planning and Posing for Family Sessions

Today’s feature is from Tiffany Bender. Tiffany says: “I am so blessed to work with amazing clients, they are what make my job an absolute dream. For this session I was working with a repeat client with whom I really connected with, both personally and professionally. The first shoot I had with them was epic […]

How to keep children authentic during family sessions

Today’s feature is from Cadence Feeley. Cadence says: “Jaymie and her family live in upcountry Maui, so they decided to do their session near home. Spending time with Jaymie, Mike, and Wesley was a dream — we played disc golf at the Poli Poli course, and explored the forest and fields at sunset. On our way […]

Mentorships with Susan Stripling

If you’ve been around in the wedding photography world at all, there’s a good chance you know who Susan Stripling is. If you don’t, we’ll just say that we’ve been drooling over her images for years now. (You can check her work out on her site here.) Susan’s been a leader in the wedding industry […]

Tips on Hindu Weddings

Today’s feature is from Haley Shandro of Shandro Photo. Haley says: “I’ve chosen images from a recent Hindu wedding which exemplify the diversity of images required from these chaotic, colourful, and charismatic weddings!” Haley’s Photography Tip: Hindu weddings have so many moving parts and so many different things that need to be photographed. Some are […]

How to Identify Your Ideal Client and Speak Their Language

Today’s article is from Kristin Milito. Kristin says: As photographers, we work endlessly to market ourselves, spread our name, and consistently book clients. Still, our marketing efforts are futile if we are spending our time and effort speaking a language our ideal client doesn’t understand. So, if you are going to do all that hard work, […]

Creating Golden Hour Lighting on a Rainy Day

Today’s feature is from Sean Scheidt. Sean says: “This session was a fashion editorial shot for Girls Life Magazine maybe 4 years ago now. It still remains one of my favorite and (I think) a really good teaching model as to why being able to know your way around lighting is super important.” Sean’s Photography […]

Finding Locations with Diversity

Today’s feature is from Tracy Waitkus. Tracy says: “These images are from a Class of 2016 senior portrait session that I took in August.” Tracy’s Photography Tip: My tip is location, location, location! I do a lot of two-hour senior portrait sessions, where we have lots of time to shoot different outfits and go to two […]

4 Tips for Portraits that Pop

What You Need: Camera body of choice (a Nikon D800 [affiliate link] was used for these images) A really long lens, such as a 70-200mm zoom lens (a Nikon 70-200mm 2.8 lens [affiliate link] was used for these images) Photoshop for post-production editing How It’s Done: I adore child portrait photography. My goal at each […]

Snow White Inspired Styled Bridal Shoot

Today’s feature is from Ashley dePencier. Ashley says: “This is a styled model shoot inspired by Snow White. We chose to photograph in the almond orchards (or as I call it, the “Bakersfield Snow”). We were inspired by the theme of Snow White while using colors that existed in the location we were shooting (white, […]

The Magic Hour Charity

Being a photographer, you already know and understand the value of your work: you capture memories and moments for your clients to cherish for years to come. And while this is an important thing for any family to have, there are some families that just can’t put it off – like families who have a […]

Creating Unique Wedding Reception Lighting

Today’s feature is from Barbara Cameron. Barbara says: “Melissa and Tyler met at work and simply wanted a wedding that brought their two families together. The relationships between everyone was a high priority.” Barbara’s Photography Tip: Lighting is the key to well-composed reception shots. I set up 3 – 600ex Canon flashes that are remotely triggered […]

How To Stand Out In Your Market

Today’s feature is from Rya Duncklee. Rya says: “This session was captured for a client for Mother’s Day. I wanted to convey the special bond between mother and child, so we let Dad sit this one out. I used a combination of photo and video to capture the relationship images as well as the candids, […]

How Customer Service and Referrals are Related

Today’s feature is from El Hogan. El says: “This is a family session I shot in January with a lovely family in Currumbin Valley. The mum spent a lot of time thinking about exactly what she wanted and why, and it really suited my work. I loved that her style and vision really complimented my […]

Fine Art Photography Time Lapse

Brooke Shaden is an amazing Fine Art photographer. Recently, she created a time-lapse video of some of the shoots she did while traveling: A scroll through the images I captured while traveling this last month. I did a total of 30 photo shoots, 28 of which are represented here. Many are self-portraits, and the others […]

Tips for Urban Family Portraits

Today’s feature is from Edyta Grazman. Edyta says: “This session was scheduled around the younger child’s 1st birthday, though I had previously photographed him when he was a newborn and when he was six months old. I love returning clients! There are so many benefits to working with a family you know; everyone is more […]

Making Something Ugly Into Something Beautiful

Today’s feature is from Brooke Shaden. Brooke says: “These images are all from a photo series I am working on that were all photographed in a sewer or underpass. The goal was to show how even a disgusting or disregarded place can be turned into something beautiful if the artist has a different vision of […]

An Introduction to Light Painting

Camera: Canon EOS 40D Lens: Canon 17-50mm Focal Length: 17mm Exposure: 67s Aperture: f/4 ISO: 100 Today’s feature is from Michael Newcomer. Michael says: “Throughout my life, I have taken courses on painting, drawing, stained glass and jewelry making and have always been a visually creative person. It wasn’t until I picked up a digital […]

Seeing Things in a New Light

Today’s feature is from Julie Dessureault. Julie says: “Laurie and Nicolas’s story is so touching, beautiful and truthful that I wanted to share it. Laurie used to be a competitive figure skater, but lately her biggest battle has been with cancer. Her fiance Nicolas, however, was not a figure skater – until recently. During the […]

Newborns and Your Perspective

Today’s tutorial is from Brandie Coe. Brandie says: Do you ever feel like your on auto-pilot during your newborn sessions and every session ends up looking the same? Of course, this isn’t entirely a bad thing since our clients hire us for what they have seen online, and want us to be able to replicate […]

4 Things To Tell Parents Before a Family Session

Today’s feature is from Madeleine Jonsson Licht. Madeleine says: “This session was shot at sunset at Seal Beach in southern California. The location is very near and dear to the clients’ hearts as they live nearby and visit several times a week.” Madeleine’s Photography Tip: I love working with kids! But as we all know […]

5 Easy SEO Tips for Photographers

Nowadays, more than likely a good majority of your clients find you on the internet. So how do you make sure that out of the hundreds of photography websites out there, your potential clients pick you as the proverbial needle from the haystack? By making sure your site has solid SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In […]

Get In Front of the Camera – Not Just Behind It

Today’s feature is from Alan Moyle. Alan says: “Lee is a local photographer and our daughters are friends so we connected that way. Like many photographers Lee was great at shooting other families but her own family had been neglected, especially when it came to having her in the photos with her family. So the […]

Changing Your Perspective Changes Everything

Today’s feature is from Antje Egbert. Antje says: “For my studio’s first birthday I wanted to take some funny pics, so I decided to use the pompoms I created for my first test shoot exactly one year before. I asked my daughter for help, and so we took these images.” Antje’s Photography Tip: Originally I […]

Gear Selection and Unique Lens Affects

Today’s feature is from Mark Serrano. Mark says: “These images are from a test shoot with a relatively new model, Amaia Mascó. I happened to have a scheduled shoot that was planned a month ago but the model decided to cancel, so I was left with a free day. Luckily, Amaia was available. Since this wasn’t […]

How To Approach Documentary Family Portraits

Today’s feature is from Kirsten Lewis. Kirsten says: “Kari contacted me about doing a Day in the Life session with her girls in Maine this past winter and I couldn’t have been more excited. For one, Kari is a photographer herself and I really admire her work. Secondly, Maine is one of my favorite states […]